Over the past 20years, Derrick Brady has developed his love of photography into a full-time profession, specializing in weddings, marketing, advertisement, and sports. Between living in NewYork and Los Angeles, he realized his love of capturing those once in a lifetime moments in a fast-paced environment. Derrick is always keeping up with the latest trends in both photography and videography in order to provide his clients with unique and captivating images that they will enjoy for generations. While working in NY and LA and gaining experience from a wide-range of industry professionals, Derrick returned to his hometown of Greensboro to spend time with his family.

Wayne Reich

Wayne Reich

Wayne Reich is a professional photographer specializing in weddings, portraits, and families. His passion is connecting with people and capturing timeless moments. A Greensboro native,Wayne’s photography blends classical style with a modern flare for drama. Whether he’s in the studio or on location, Wayne loves to experiment with various lighting techniques, blending available light with strobes to create a narrative that is as individual as each person he photographs. When he’s not working, Wayne enjoys planning the next adventure with his wife, Jennifer, and his three children, Evan, Owen, and Adelyn.

We are two independent, professional photographers that work together as a team to tell the story during this special stage of your lives. We feel so honored that you’ve asked us to create heirlooms that your family will celebrate for generations to come.  Our basic package starts at $4500. and you customize it from there.

Thank you for your interest in Siren Wedding Photography.

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